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Specializing in applying technology

A company’s network is its lifeline. If the network goes down so does your productivity and service. The design and implementation of a network is a complex process in which mistakes cannot be made. Applied Technology Group can help you with all of your data and networking needs. Our staff consists of IT professionals that have years of experience in the IT industry. We specialize in areas such as Infrastructure Services, Website and Internet Services, Network Security, Consulting, Education, Risk Assessment, and more. We also support and sell equipment such as Dell, Compaq, HP, IBM, Gateway, and we will even custom build a system for you.

One of our most popular offerings in the Data & Networking area is our Managed Network Service Agreement (MNSA) MNSA is a program offered by Applied Technology Group that allows you to combine all of your technology expense into a single monthly payment that is fixed and completely predictable!

MNSA is designed for one purpose: to help you get dramatically better performance from your technology for less cost and a higher ROI.

MNSA is a fully outsourced service, including all aspects of hardware, software, support and administration for a simple, fixed monthly fee.

You retain complete control of and access to your data, can expand when needed, and can put in place a planned upgrade path that brings reliability and consistency to every user in your organization. In virtually every case, we can guarantee a reduction in the total cost of technology ownership within your business with our MNSA.

We also offer a FREE Network Risk Assessment to ensure that your network is protected properly and your it is running at its maximum potential.

Our Microsoft Certified Network Engineers will make sure that you are getting the best performance from your network. We specialize in Windows Server-based networks for small to medium sized businesses. With our Managed Network Service Agreement (MNSA) plan, we give you (the customer), the best overall value for your network needs. Call us today for more information at 260.482.2844.