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Access Control

Physical Access Control

Now you control who goes where and when. You no longer have to worry about changing the locks in the building anytime there is an employee change or if a vendor never gave you your key back. With an access control system you can deny anyone access at any door with the click of a button. Manage different buildings from one location eliminating the hassle of having to drive across town. With an access control system you can even unlock a door remotely so you don’t have to waste any time going from building to building letting people in. Applied Technology Group can equip you with everything you need from readers to credentials. We can support everything from keypads to proximity readers to a variety of biometric readers.

Logical Access Control

For most companies their data can be the most important asset. With a logical access control system you can secure all of your data or network equipment by requiring an employee to provide both their user name and password along with a credential such as a smart card. If an employee is terminated you won’t have to worry about them copying or corrupting data. Simply deactivate their credential and it will make it impossible for them to access the network even with their log on information.