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More than just providing surveillance, security cameras can help protect your home or business against vandalism, theft, and other crimes. Moreover, surveillance cameras may work to improve employee productivity and reduce fraudulent liability claims in business situations. At Applied Technology Group, we provide our clients in Fort Wayne, IN with complete residential and commercial surveillance solutions.

In today’s surveillance industry end users are confronted with an important decision to make when deciding on a CCTV system. That decision is whether to go Analog or IP. Our philosophy is to go IP when you can and analog when you must. There are several reasons to go with IP over Analog. A few are: Better Image Quality, More Scalability and Integrated Content Analytics. While analog will always have its place, and we do support and install analog systems, the future of CCTV is IP. Companies are now dedicating more money to their Research and Development Divisions to broaden their IP Camera line than their analog cameras. Each year leading companies in the industry release more IP cameras than analog which suggest that the entire industry is heading that way. To learn more about the difference between Analog and IP or to see a full demo call us today!

If you are thinking that you would like or may need an IP system but already have an analog one in place, there is a perfect solution. Applied Technology Group can provide you with a wide variety of Video Encoders. These encoders will take advantage of your existing CCTV equipment such as cable and cameras and allow them to be installed on an IP system. What the encoders do is take an analog camera and allows them to be IP addressable and gives them many of the features that IP systems allow. The analog cameras, now with an IP address, can then be put on the Network Video Recorder (NVR) or a server that is running a Video Management Software (VMS) for recording.

To see a full demo of an IP system, give us a call today at 260.482.2844. We would be happy to show you!

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