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OfficeServ Link The Core

Samsung’s OfficeServ Link application provides the connection between the OfficeServ Telephone System and a Windows based computer. This Link provides the basis of the communications between the Samsung OfficeServ 7000 phone systems and other software applications from either Samsung or third parties. To learn more about OfficeServ Link click here: OfficeServ Link

OfficeServ EasySet Keep it Simple

OfficeServ EasySet is an application that comes standard with OfficeServ Link and provides users with a quick and easy way to configure their Samsung digital and IP phones. The application uses Internet Explorer to display a representation of the users’ phone. Using a set of intuitive actions the user can configure many of the options available on the phone including: Change name, password, button programming, lock status, set call forwards and speed dials, change time format, set messages, review call logs and more. To learn more about EasySet or to see a demo click here:OfficeServ EasySet.

OfficeServ Operator Stay Professional and Efficient

Samsung’s OfficeServ Operator allows you to direct incoming calls in a more efficient way on your computer screen with a simple point and click of the mouse. It provides a complete call control facility for operators and reception staff within the company, and provides and easy to use interface for handling calls. The Operator includes features such as busy lamp field indication, extension information, touch-screen integration, and conference call set up. To learn more about these features and Operator click here: OfficeServ Operator.

OfficeServ Call Unify Voice and Data

Samsung’s OfficeServ Call will seamlessly link your personal computer with your telephone. It is designed to provide users with a simple way to manage incoming and outgoing calls. OfficeServ call is an application great for managing contacts, scheduling, placing calls, and call logging. If you are an Outlook user, OfficeServ Call can be integrated to work with your Microsoft Outlook email and contacts. OfficeServ Call also provides features such as screen pop-ups with caller information, on screen dialing, call forwarding and many more features. To learn more about OfficeServ Call click here: OfficeServ Call.

OfficeServ Dataview Call Reporting at its Finest

OfficeServ Dataview is a great solution for live monitoring and historical reporting that works on any of Samsung’s digital, analog or IP phone systems. Dataview is a web-based interface application that is enabled or disabled system wide so you have all your call information right at your fingertips. Reporting can be scheduled for daily, weekly or monthly statistics. Dataview is comprised of three main components: 1) Data Collector 2) Data Manager and 3) Scheduler. To learn more about OfficeServ Dataview click here: OfficeServ Dataview.

Samsung Softphone Wherever Whenever

With a Samsung Softphone you can enable your personal computer or laptop to become a full featured IP telephone virtually anywhere in the world. All you need is a high speed internet connection. This application is great for any employee that travels a great deal. Remote workers can simply connect their computer to the corporate network, put on a USB headset, and function as if they were in their own office. To learn more about the Softphone click here: OfficeServ Softphone.

E-Mail Gateway Efficient Voice Mail

Samsung’s E-Mail Gateway is an application that will allow you send all your voice mail messages to your email attached as a wav file. This is a great service for professionals that spend time listening to 15 saved voice mail messages so that they can hear the 16th message. With the ability to save your message as a file, it makes storage and organization simple and efficient.