Applied Technology Group

Specializing in applying technology

Who We Are

Applied Technology Group is a technology application company that specializes in IT services, Business Phone Systems, Security Solutions, and Contracting.  We design and install our systems with quality, reliability, and service in mind.

We install, manage, and monitor data networks, telephone systems, and security systems. This website is designed to help you learn more about our company and our abilities.


Applied Technology Group was incorporated in 1996. Since then we have been servicing northeast Indiana and the surrounding area with quality, reliability and service in mind. From computer networking to phone systems to security systems, Applied Technology Group has a staff with over 200 years combined experience to help you with your needs. Whether it’s for your home or office our professional staff will assist you in all of your low voltage communication needs.


Applied Technology Group’s mission is to be the most respected company in our industry.  We believe that if we are the most respected then we are doing all the things that are important to our clients and community.


We strongly believe in doing projects correctly the first time.  We do not take shortcuts which may ultimately cost our clients.

We take a little longer to install some equipment because we believe that if and when something breaks, it needs to have been installed in a manner that lends itself to serviceability.

We have built our business by serving clients with a long-range plan. We install equipment properly and then we provide service which is second to none.



Quality is not automatic.  It takes a lot of effort.

We spend a lot of time and money to have factory training for each technician on staff. Our installers are employed by us rather than hiring subcontractors which is less costly. We chose to do what is best for our clients.

We do not subcontract to the lowest price person on the street.