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Burglar Security

Converge your office or home security with Applied Technology Group. In today’s world, security is much more proactive than reactive. Your home or business security system can now send you a text message or email when the alarm goes off. Your surveillance system can be configured to send pictures to a smart device or email account any time an event is triggered. Applied Technology Group can provide you with a turnkey solution incorporating all the components of Physical Security: Intrusion, Surveillance, and Access Control.

Imagine being out of town and receiving a text message alerting you that an alarm has gone off at your office. The message was sent by your security system and an IP camera that detected an unauthorized person. After notifying the police, you use the nearest computer to pull-up the very camera that sent you the message; and through its two-way audio capabilities you are able to talk to the intruder and let them know that they have been recorded and the police have already been notified. At the same time you are able to log on to your access control system and make sure that every door is locked, and if they are not, you lock them with a click of a button. And even better yet, while all of this is happening, the camera is uploading images to your email account ensuring you have secure and clear evidence.